Major trade proposal between the Habs and the Leafs mentioned by Guillaume Latendresse

Published March 7, 2022 at 11:46

The NHL trade deadline is officially in two weeks, so everything indicates that Ben Chiarot is in his final moments with the Montreal Canadiens.

Especially since we recently learned that there have been no serious talks between the Habs and the Chiarot camp for a contract extension.

Recently, analyst Guillaume Latendresse spoke about the case:

«For me, plans shouldn't change. We hired Gorton and Hughes saying "we're going into a rebuild, we want changes and we want to change the culture, the way of playing." Every time we wanted to do a rebuild, we said "the city is not ready, we want to win and go into the playoffs", but do you know what? I'm ready to wait two or three years without a playoff to win a Stanley Cup before (2093). Since 1993, the plans have never worked out. There you have a coach who is not stressed and who is ready to take a few losses. And it is not because you have young players that you are going to lose. There are good players who are able to win games. » - Guillaume Latendresse

He believes that, despite the team's recent successes, the Hughes/Gorton duo must trade Ben Chiarot and Jeff Petry, he must take advantage of their rising values.

«Why did you trade Tyler Toffoli if you keep Chiarot and Jeff Petry." - Latendresse

Then, Guillaume made an interesting trade offer:

«Get a guy like Rasmus Sandin in Toronto. He is an extremely talented young defender who has yet to find his way. He was scratched (Saturday). If you give Chiarot to Toronto and get a youngster, the trade is good for both teams. The Leafs need it to pay off. Canadians are prepared to be patient."

Sandin, 21, was drafted in the first round by the Maple Leafs in 2018. He has great potential. The Swede has 27 points, including five goals, in 84 NHL games so far.

He never had a real opportunity to assert himself 100% and was always behind Morgan Rielly, in particular.

Would you like this as a trade? Sandin for Chiarot?

Do you agree with Guillaume?

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