Important development regarding Carey Price

Published March 7, 2022 at 10:37

We are pleased to start the week with excellent news for the Montreal Canadiens today: not only is Carey Price back on the ice this Monday morning, but he is also making goalie moves!

Recall that, during Carey's recent on-ice sessions, we saw him quite simply skating lightly, standing up, and stretching a little.

There, this morning, he is doing exercises much more similar to the gestures he has to make during game situations, which is obviously very positive and encouraging.

We can now only hope that he continues in this direction, and that he does not go back in his rehabilitation. To see the following images (at the bottom of the article), he really seems to have progressed.

He makes goalie moves and plays with the puck:

Remember that, while Carey is on the ice in Brossard, the Canadians continues his journey, on the road, in Western Canada.
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