Logan Mailloux is knocked down in a furious fight and his opponent's attitude raises many reactions

Published March 7, 2022 at 9:35

Logan Mailloux, the Montreal Canadiens' controversial draft pick, returned to the Ontario Hockey League at the end of 2021 after receiving an indefinite suspension. After 11 games in the OHL, Mailloux, who is doing great with the London Knights, has found his man in a solid fight.

The altercation happened in the final minutes of the second period in a game between the Knights and the Windsor Spitfires. As you will see, Mailloux had little choice but to let go of the gloves as he solidly hit Spitfires defenseman Pasquale Zito, who was selected in the 6th round (166th overall) of the 2021 NHL Draft by the Detroit Red Wings, but the hit, and those that followed, apparently didn't sit well with him.

Following the fight, Zito was not done with Mailloux, even after dominating the fight. The Spitfires forward made sure to let Mailloux know exactly how he felt about his antics, repeatedly taunting him as on-ice officials directed him to the penalty box

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