Laval Rocket head coach sent a message to Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton

Published February 1, 2022 at 12:23

At the time of writing this, Samuel Montembeault and Cayden Primeau formed the pair of goaltenders for the Montreal Canadiens. A duo without experience that has to deal with the current conditions of the club.

This is not funny for young goalkeepers in development, who are certainly slowed down by this atmosphere. Hence the reason why several individuals strongly believe that the Canadiens should send Primeau back to Laval.

This is also the wish of Jean-François Houle, head coach of the Laval Rocket, but he is not the big boss, so he deals with the decisions and the plan of his bosses.

«For Primeau's confidence, it might be a good thing for him to come back to Laval!»

Kent, it's time to release an NHL contract for Kevin Poulin to make sure not to destroy Primeau's confidence. He must find himself in a healthy environment at the age of 22.
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