February 1st is a date that belongs to Guy Lafleur

Published February 1, 2022 at 11:03

Mr. Lafleur, like a warrior, is still fighting a nasty cancer, while Quebec keeps sending him a dose of love day after day.

The Blond Demon marked the imaginary, nothing less. Chantal Machabée dreamed of working for the Montreal Canadiens one day, thanks to her idol, Guy Lafleur.

That said, I want you to know that February 1 belongs to number 10, our national Flower, who pointed out the history of the Canadiens at that time in 1977.

«Guy Lafleur opened a 28-game run with a single point and three assists in a 7-3 win over the Cleveland Barons at the Richfield Coliseum.»

What a man! What a generous human being! What an electrifying player he was! Mr. Lafleur, we are fully with you in this fight against a fierce opponent. You have character and you will win! This day is yours!
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