Bob Hartley explained the plan he would have had to reply to Zack Kassian

Published February 1, 2022 at 8:44

Bob Hartley is a man I have long admired for, among other things, his candid words and authenticity. At 91.9 Sports, the former coach of the Avalanche, Thrashers and Flames gave his opinion on the Petry situation.

For Hartley, the Petry family is no longer well in Montreal. Not with the Canadiens, but in the city of Montreal:

«Another page from this year's novel. It's definitely not beautiful. He yelled at his teammates, then the episode of his wife leaving, so they are definitely not well in Montreal. Not with the Canadiens, but in Montreal!»

Hartley also explained the game plan he would have had following Zack Kassian's sneaky hit on Samuel Montembeault:

«You don't have to be Rocky Balboa, but the other four, where were they??? If you don't react there, you do it later. I tell my players to catch another one. I'll tell them, he's big, it's okay. Find another target. And tell the player in question that he is our target because of Kassian!»

In the end, Hartley said he would have destroyed a trash can in the locker room following Jeff Petry's lack of courage:

«I'll tell you a story, it would have flown around everywhere in the locker room. I'm speaking for myself. This is a family, it's not a team. Can you show a semblance of unity... But for me, it was not a surprise, there is no leadership within that unit.»

As I was saying, this man is so frank, direct and incisive. I love his speech!

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