Chantal Machabée gave an update on Carey Price

Published January 31, 2022 at 7:30 PM

Although Carey Price spoke to the media for the first time since July 7, there are still rumours about him.

Many people would actually start to believe that Carey Price's companion Angela's many exits about COVID-19 would have something to do with her husband's immunization status and that this would delay his return with the Canadiens.

However, the Habs' new vice president of communications, Chantal Machabée, denied these rumors on Twitter after being challenged by the Fondation Équipe-Québec's account.

In fact, every Montreal Canadiens player who played in the playoffs alongside Price last spring would have been vaccinated before the semi-final against the Golden Knights in Vegas.

Let us hope, then, that this development by Chantal Machabée has succeeded in silencing all the noise on this subject.

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