Here's why Shea Weber can no longer be the Canadiens' captain

Jeff Drouin
October 26, 2021  (11:58)

You can't be captain of the team when you never play. Isn't this a speech we hear more and more about Shea Weber's nebulous status? It's such a delicate situation with the Montreal Canadiens, especially since we don't know if Weber has already retired or not...

Weber is the greatest captain of his generation, he is a warrior like few others, but right now, all of that is out the window. He's not there. He's not on the ice. He's not with his teammates (except right now in Seattle). Then, you can even point to this as a distraction on the team.
At least that's what television show host and former Canadien player Dave Morissette believes:
"Hasn't it become a distraction, by any chance?"
Maxim Lapierre, also present on the set of TVA Sports' "L'après-match LNH" on Monday night, believes that it takes another captain in the Montreal Canadiens since Weber is "retired".
"I don't think he's a detriment by being in Seattle. He's still a friend of the guys. But if he's retired because he's too banged up, yes, indeed, it takes another captain." - Lapierre
Lapierre also pointed out what he didn't like about the "Weber" situation:
"What I don't like is that there's a question mark in the locker room. The guys are wondering if he's coming back or not. And if the players are aware that this is the end for him, they wonder why another captain isn't named. If Weber wants to stay in the organization without playing, that's okay. But that's called an assistant coach. Let's give him a role, but not captain if he's not on the team anymore."
It hurts to read that, but it remains a reality, no less. Keep in mind that Weber certainly won't be announcing his retirement outright because the Preds will be forced to pay a penalty, as he has a lot of respect for them.
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