Habs players might have heavy legs on Tuesday night

Published October 26, 2021 at 11:08

Shea Weber is around the team right now, and he took the opportunity to rally his troops following this difficult start to the season. To carry out his plan, he took his boys to a Monday night NFL game when the Seahawks were in action. What a coincidence!

At this party, the night before the duel against the Kraken, beers were the order of the day, as well as a ton of pictures taken with fans.

Here, on this picture, we quickly recognize Cole Caufield's big smile, who was with Weber and many of his teammates during this evening.

We can also see a joyful Mathieu Perreault, holding two beers in his hands, who is certainly proud of his last game (and hat trick of course).

We can also certify that Jonathan Drouin is a proud Seattle Seahawks fan, wearing a Seahawks jersey and toque.

In short, the boys have a right to enjoy a beer together, as long as they are in good shape for tonight's game against the Kraken. As for Shea, he did his job as the team's captain, even though he is not with the team as a player this season.
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