A player happy to be out of the hot pot in Toronto

Published October 26, 2021 at 10:09

On July 28, Frederik Andersen opted for the Carolina Hurricanes ($9 million / two years) because the Toronto Maple Leafs didn't seem to want him as their number one goalie anymore. Yet, Andersen is an excellent number one goaltender who remains very underrated.

On Monday night, Andersen was on hand to face his former Leafs teammates and then Auston Matthews, his "former" best friend. After scoring the first goal, the Leafs allowed four consecutive goals and Andersen shut the door, allowing the Hurricanes to take the win.

It was a fifth win in five games for Andersen, who is perfectly happy with his new team. The 32-year-old goaltender is certainly very happy to have left the Toronto whirlwind, a place where it is very bad right now.

Andersen has a 1.60 goals-against-average and a .946 success rate. Isn't that great for a goalie that Toronto didn't want anymore? Although the salary cap did not allow the team to bring him back either.

Imagine how happy this man is today to be with a winning team. The team also has Rod Brind'Amour, one of the best head coaches on the circuit.

Excellent decision, Mr. Andersen!
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