Great news regarding Mailloux and his future as a Canadien

Published July 12, 2022 at 6:12 PM

In the last few minutes, Montreal Canadiens prospect Logan Mailloux was present at a press conference and answered many questions from reporters about his evolution as an individual.

Some fans even thought it was going too far and demanded that he be asked at least one question about hockey. Finally, towards the end of the press conference, he was finally asked about his recent season and his rehabilitation from his shoulder injury.

In short, according to the first comments of observers and journalists, Mailloux has just struck a blow.

It was an important and significant press conference for him, and he was perfect. His answers really showed great maturity and he really seems to have progressed.

Check out some of his statements:

Logan Mailloux, on if he would have done things differently: "I would have changed everything I did 100%; I definitely changed a lot as a person and as a human over the last year, so I learned a lot. I wasn't educated then and I feel like I am now."

"The education I received was incredible. I gained maturity very quickly. I was coming from a long way."

"Logan Mailloux says he spent a lot of time this year meeting with therapists and professionals. He has done certification in education/training programs to better understand consent and why what he did in the past was unacceptable."

Logan Mailloux, on the opportunity to be included in the development camp this year: "100%; I've worked a lot over the past year - I want to be a Montreal Canadien, I want to play in the future so it's definitely been a long journey inside to get here."

Logan Mailloux: "like I said before the draft - and that's how I felt; I didn't deserve the right - it's a privilege, not a right to be drafted and be able to be a part of the Montreal Canadiens."

"Logan Mailloux says he hopes to turn this negative situation into a positive and one day help educate young field hockey players so they don't make the same mistakes he did."

- Remarks reported by the excellent Priyanta Emrith and TVA Sports

According to many, he really made an impression and it's hard to disagree. To see the famous press briefing in question:

For the very interesting details:

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Great news regarding Mailloux and his future as a Canadien

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