Sam Girard's behavior during the Stanley Cup parade is criticized and it makes people react a lot

Published July 12, 2022 at 5:20 PM

In the last few days, more precisely on Sunday, the Colorado Avalanche's defenseman, Sam Girard, held his Stanley Cup parade in Roberval to celebrate his conquest in his part of the country.

There was a very large crowd, and Girard enjoyed it immensely.

Unfortunately for him, this did not please some people, who did not hesitate to publicly denounce his actions. You read that right. Girard drank a lot of alcohol and it caused a stir.

In a text by Mélyssa Gagnon (Radio-Canada), we can read this:

"At the event, the Colorado Avalanche player feasted alongside family members and friends. He even poured a beer over his head.

Some have called this behavior unacceptable, due to the fact that the robervalois hockey player must lead by example.

The Executive Director of Éduc'alcool, Geneviève Desautels, has seen videos of Samuel Girard appearing drunk. He even cut short the autograph signing because of his condition, thus depriving many of his fans of seeing or touching the mythical trophy.

The Stanley Cup in Roberval is a very special event that gives hope that playing hockey is a dream come true for young people [...]. If the hockey player in question escapes it in terms of excessive consumption and that can give an image of trivialization of excessive consumption, it is a totally inconsistent message, said Geneviève Desautels, in an interview on the program C'est jamais pareil."

- From a Radio-Canada text

Ms. Desautels adds that, given that Girard is a public figure, his entourage should have better supervised him. She adds:

"It's clear that everyone is responsible for his own life. But is it that to celebrate, we are obliged to consume excessively? We are not obliged to forget the beautiful event by a day after the night before."

We leave it to you here to make your own idea of all this, but let's remember that, as a professional hockey player, a guy like Samuel Girard has sacrificed probably hundreds of "parties" in his life, to take care of himself and set an example.

In short, these are comments that are causing a lot of reaction today.

Credit, source and full text: Radio-Canada
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Sam Girard's behavior during the Stanley Cup parade is criticized and it makes people react a lot

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