Clumsy comments from Marc Bergevin

Published November 20, 2021 at 11:08

Is there a pilot in the plane? Is there a captain in the ship? Is there someone running the Montreal Canadiens? Currently, few people can answer this last question. There doesn't seem to be a leader in this drifting organization.

In an interview with The Athletic's Pierre LeBrun, Marc Bergevin admitted that he felt his team was not committed from the start of training camp and that this carried over into the season. In other words, he blames his head coach, Dominique Ducharme.

That's what TVA Sports analysts Eric Fichaud and Alexandre Picard thought when they commented on the Canadiens' general manager's remarks on the "L'après-match" show.

"You point the finger at your coach [by making such comments], because he has a big share of responsibility with respect to the team's preparation," commented the former goalie on the subject.

"The CH's recent games have not gone well and who was in front of the podium after each one? It's Ducharme. I think it's a lack of leadership on Bergevin's part," Picard added afterwards to support his colleague.

It is clear that there is a lack of leadership in this organization. No one has yet stood up to steer the ship adrift. Who will dare to stand up in this locker room or in this organization? One thing is for sure, it's high time someone did!
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