Will Carey Price become the next Raymond Bourque?

Published November 19, 2021 at 8:09 PM

With the Montreal Canadiens' current lineup, we are entitled to create scenarios and play stage managers to make suggestions. It's always fun to play this game!

That being said, journalist Brian Wilde discussed this option in his post-game article yesterday and he reminded us that if the Habs are going to go down this road, there is one guy who will certainly raise his hand for a change of scenario... Carey Price.

It's true that at 34 years old, the goalie doesn't have many years left to get his hands on a Stanley Cup.

Yes, it's true that if there was ever a transaction that involved him, the Habs would have to agree to pay part of his salary to facilitate the whole thing.

If the CH is heading towards a rebuild and a team that wants to go far inquires about Carey Price, a trade could well take place.

The Bruins gave Raymond Bourque that chance once. Why not do it with Carey Price, out of respect for all he has brought to the team?

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