The Habs drops it AGAIN

Published November 20, 2021 at 9:44

As the old saying goes: "When it goes wrong, it goes wrong! Yet, this is what is hitting the Montreal Canadiens organization day after day this season. Whether it is on the ice or off the ice, nothing is spared.

The most recent blunder of Geoff Molson's organization is the inauguration of a new wall around the Bell Centre. We see Maurice Richard lifting the precious Lord Stanley trophy. My mistake, it's Phillip Danault!

Please accept my sincere apologies. It should be Patrick Roy on the said wall. In short, this shows you how confusing the representation is on the identity of the player who is represented.

Moreover, many fans who were polled by TVA Sports did not appreciate the artwork. Here are some of the comments that were collected:

"There is nothing like him. It's not our Patrick Roy.

"Is that Patrick? We didn't draw it right."

"Out of 10, I'd give the same grade as the Habs season: 1-2 out of 10!"

In short, it shows how much this wall is a reflection of the CH's season!

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