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Chantal Machabée gives details on Joel Edmundson and it's not really encouraging

Published March 8, 2022 at 7:00 PM

In an interview earlier today on 91.9 Sports, Chantal Machabée took the opportunity to give news of defender Joel Edmundson, who seemed very close to a return to play.

«Chantal Machabée says that she is not sure that Joel Edmundson will participate in tomorrow's game against the Vancouver Canucks." - 91.9 Sports

It's not ideal, especially considering that the veteran defender took a slight step back yesterday in his return to play process.

Indeed, Edmundson seemed on the verge of returning to play and he was practicing with a regular jersey, on a regular pair. Well, that was a week ago. We really expected to see him play during this trip, but in the end, everything suggests that it will not be the case.

The most negative news? Edmundson ditched his regular practice jersey yesterday and traded it for a non-contact navy blue jersey.

He wasn't training like a regular so he had to take a step back. Certainly, we will have all the details tomorrow

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