Artturi Lehkonen's future in Montreal: Kent Hughes speaks out and reveals his plan

Published March 8, 2022 at 5:38 PM

Less than two weeks before the NHL trade deadline, rumors are heating up, especially since several Habs players are available, according to the majority of insiders. (and that makes sense too, considering the team's new direction)

In the end, beyond the rumors, there is one person whose opinion and comments really matter: Kent Hughes.

The GM of the Montreal Canadiens agreed to comment on some rumors and some hot topics. Hughes spoke to Sportsnet reporter Eric Engels to talk about the trade deadline.

First of all, the Habs' GM admitted that he has several discussions (for a trade) currently, but that the market remains cautious.

Asked about a potential trade involving Artturi Lehkonen, Kent Hughes answered clearly this:

«We're not trying to trade him at the moment. I think I said that about a number of players in our team. We're not trying to trade them, but that doesn't mean we won't get phone calls about them. And if something happens... You know, we didn't try to trade Tyler Toffoli either; it just materialized, in conversation, into a trade that we thought made sense to us and Calgary thought made sense to them." -Kent Hughes

Basically, he seems to confirm that Lehkonen could leave, for the right offer (like Toffoli), and this is the case for several players.

It will be really interesting to watch, by March 21st.

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