We now know why we haven't heard from Shea Weber

Published March 8, 2022 at 12:21

As you may have noticed, Montreal Canadiens captain Shea Weber has been extremely quiet since the famous Stanley Cup final.

There are no updates on him, we never see him with the team and he doesn't give any interviews.

We know that his career is likely over, but why such total silence on his part?

As part of a recent mailbag, Sportsnet's Eric Engels was asked the question by several Habs fans:

"Why has nobody asked or we are not being told what is going on with Weber ???"

Engels' answer is simple, and says a lot. Several reporters have asked for updates and even small interviews with Shea Weber, but Weber isn't interested in talking:

"He's not interested in talking..." - Eric Engels

Know that the journalists are doing their homework, and would like to give you news of the captain, but Weber is not interested and that's okay. That's his choice and we gotta respect that.

Although we have no news or confirmations, with talks well underway surrounding the next captain and now with rumors of a trade involving him (for the LTIR spot), don't expect to see Shea Weber in the uniform of the Montreal Canadiens again.

It really seems to be over for him.

Does it disappoint you, would you like Weber to be more present publicly and above all, more present in the entourage of the team?

Basically, would you like him to be more involved?

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