There is a big problem coming up regarding Kaiden Guhle

Published March 8, 2022 at 4:43 PM

While the Canadians were in Western Canada, more particularly in Edmonton, the team's staff took the opportunity to attend a game of prospect Kaiden Guhle. For the occasion, Kent Hughes was accompanied by John Sedgwick, Martin St-Louis, Alex Burrows and all the other assistant coaches.

Of course, the GM and his assistant met the main interested after the game, which ended with the score of 7 to 2 in favor of the formation of Guhle. Not stressed, the young man, who had received a text message the very morning of the group's visit, responded well to journalists after the game.

«I just played my way. They had certainly heard of my game before. I didn't try to be a player that I'm not, that's all I can do." - Kaiden Guhle

One of the things that could somehow worry the club's general staff is not the small mistakes the defender made during the game, like when he caused a turnover that caused a goal, but his fatigue.

As Renaud Lavoie told the JiC show on Monday night, Guhle will have a very big year of hockey and very little rest.

«The big problem coming up, and that really affects the Montreal Canadiens, is that the Memorial Cup will end at the end of June. [...] The Oil Kings are so strong. Probably the best Canadian club. Then there will be the World Junior Hockey Championship in August. That means he's going there in August. He's going to arrive at training camp (of the Canadiens), it's going to be "scary" how he's going to be ready to play quickly for the Montreal Canadiens." - Renaud Lavoie

If he will be in good shape for the Canadiens' camp next fall, the main concern is to know when he will hit a wall, because he will certainly hit it...

«The fear of the team is whether he will hit a wall. Because he's going to see a lot of hockey and ice, and he won't have any time off! - Renaud Lavoie

The Oil Kings' captain has 23 points in 22 games since being traded to the Edmonton Oil Kings. The team is currently on a fine 11-game winning streak.
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