"Carey Price took over as number one goalie today" - Renaud Lavoie

Published April 12, 2022 at 9:48 PM

During his appearance on TVA Sports, on Jean-Charles Lajoie's show, the informer Renaud Lavoie came back on the Carey Price file.

There would be more news.

"We are now changing the register... I explain [...] The good news is that yesterday, we tested his knee, and not just a little. Today, when practice started, he (Carey Price) was back in net as the number one goalie! That's a fact. What does that mean, factually speaking? Well, the first goalie to receive Eric Raymond's shots on a day when there is no game, as was the case this morning, was Carey Price, for the first time this season! (today)" - Renaud Lavoie

It's a sign that Price is back in net as the number one goalie today, as Lavoie reports. The reporter continues:

"I don't know if Primeau will be second to Samuel Montembeault tomorrow (if it is indeed Montembeault who plays tomorrow), but there is one thing that is clear right now: Primeau is not likely to see any action with the Canadiens in the coming days. Which is to say, clearly, that Carey Price, well, we'll see him again this week. Could it be tomorrow? [...] Everyone, even on the team, thinks that the return of Carey Price will be at home. [...] I'm not telling you that he's going to play tomorrow, but what I can tell you though, is that officially, he's back in the number one goalie net." - Renaud Lavoie

So we'll be watching closely to see what happens tomorrow, but Lavoie seems confident and he clearly mentioned that we should see Carey again this week. That would be huge.

My prediction would be that we'll see him in front of the net again on Friday.

More details to follow! For the complete capsule:

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"Carey Price took over as number one goalie today" - Renaud Lavoie

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