Shea Weber gets completely embarrassed by Réjean Tremblay and is called a «real shame»

Published April 12, 2022 at 7:43 PM

As you know, Montreal Canadiens captain Shea Weber has not played all season and his career really seems to be over.

His contract could even be traded to the Arizona Coyotes soon.

Despite the circumstances, many did not expect the Tricolore captain to be erased from the organization at this point. We haven't heard from him in almost a year, he stays away from the media, he's never with the team and he didn't show up at many important moments, like major hires, team pictures, etc.

Some feel that as a captain, he has a certain duty.

Among these people is veteran journalist Réjean Tremblay, who very clearly revealed his opinion on the subject. See an excerpt, as reported by our colleagues at

"Before we worked out the details for a Genesis interview, he told me about that Weber, the Montreal Canadiens' reigning captain, who refused to come out and support his teammates, to cheer on Kent Hughes and Martin St. Louis in person, and who is too rude to even talk to reporters when they travel out west with the CH. A real shame.

How come everyone slept through this? Weber is the CH's captain, but we were weighing the chances and merits of Brendan Gallagher. The poor man who was seen as a future captain is falling apart and now we're talking about Nick Suzuki as the future "C" carrier.

We forget that the captain is in Vancouver, that he hasn't come to meet his teammates in Montreal except once in November, that he saw Marc Bergevin and Dominique Ducharme get fired and replaced by Hughes and St-Louis and that His Lordship is still too haughty to address the rabble."

Do you agree with him?

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Shea Weber gets completely embarrassed by Réjean Tremblay and is called a «real shame»

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