Carey Price posted two beautiful photos on his Instagram account

Published August 25, 2021 at 1:05 PM

Carey Price is currently undergoing rehabilitation after undergoing surgery on July 23, when the prognosis for his recovery was 10 to 12 weeks at that time. He will probably miss the season opener, but should be back in action after a few games with his team. Thanks to Marc Bergevin for bringing Jake Allen back to the team before the 2021 schedule opens.

In short, during his recovery, Price is enjoying time with his family in Montreal, and then he takes the opportunity to post (surely Angela does it) some nice pictures on his Instagram account, the last two of which have been published.

On this one, we see Carey with son (Lincoln) and little Carey, in front of a beautiful BBQ Traeger :


On this one, Carey is seen with her two little girls, Liv Anniston and Millie :


It's beautiful to see Carey Price and his little family enjoying their summer like this!

Source : Instagram
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