Is Tyler Toffoli attending the Los Angeles Kings development camp?

Published August 25, 2021 at 8:35

It's August 25, so the Habs' rookie camp is getting closer and closer. Canadiens hockey will be getting underway in 10 days or so, which has many hearts racing as we get ready for the big start. If the school year starts this week for the kids, the start of the season for Canadiens fans is in September.

In short, if you look to Los Angeles, Tyler Toffoli or Jeff Carter will be well served as the two men train together in their respective uniforms. There are also veterans like Nate Thompson, who dons a Flyers jersey, Jonathan Quick and Dustin Brown, who are also warming up at the start of official training camps.

But the guys aren't taking this lightly, believe me!

Yes, it's normal to see guys who don't play (or no longer play) on the same team during the regular schedule train together during the summer season. However, is it normal to see former Kings players on the ice during the team's development camp? The most logical answer to this question from a reader: the guys practiced after the youth session!
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