Brandon Prust completely lost it on Twitter

Published August 25, 2021 at 11:16

Brandon Prust has been retired since 2017, having played one season in the DEL (Germany's top league) before retiring. Prust was a pugilist who was able to rack up his share of points. However, since he retired, he often makes spectacular, highly inappropriate rants via his Twitter account.

As recently as Monday, he once again went on a rampage on Twitter about vaccination, the pandemic and everything that comes with it. It's clear that he's on the same side as Dustin Penner. I'll let you judge for yourself, but let's just say that he has NO qualms about telling a lady off...

"So that means they can force me to do anything they want? I hope they force u into the sex trade so u can finally get laid u sheep.. I paid more taxes for these roads than u could ever dream of money in ur account. U deserve to stay in ur basement. I don't" - Brandon Prust

Prust can believe in whatever he wants, but does he have to flame people on his platform? By the way, some specialists have already speculated about Prust's health condition, that he might be suffering from chronic traumatic encephalopathy, which can occur after several violent blows to the brain. In short, I'm not saying that Prust suffers from this disease, but that some specialists have raised this idea.
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