Dustin Penner touted his anti-vaccine views after Jimmy Hayes' death

Published August 25, 2021 at 9:24

Jimmy Hayes passed away suddenly on August 23rd and his passing has stirred up a ton of emotion in the hockey world. Many touching testimonies were given by people close to him, including his brother, Kevin Hayes, who came to bring tears to my eyes. If you missed his emotional speech, here it is:

There is one oddball, however, a former NHLer who has had some success, Dustin Penner, who came forward after Hayes left for a better world touting his anti-vaccine ideas. How are you doing, Dustin?

In the background, in posting his "rest in peace" tweet, Penner took the opportunity to place a few photos about his ideas regarding vaccination, he who, I remind you, is a member of the anti-vaccines.

Among his montage is news of Jimmy Hayes' death, news that vaccination will be mandatory for team staff and their families, and then news of a child dying in his sleep following his vaccination to counter COVID-19...

Isn't that a bit over the top?

In short, Penner, now 38 years old and having played 589 games in the NHL, uses his social media extensively to indicate that he is against vaccines. Reading his news feed, one understands that he is a bit of a conspiracy theorist. Yes, it's his right, but to take advantage of Hayes' death to try to sell his ideas is totally disrespectful.
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