Andrei Svechnikov made an incredible gesture and all the players in the world should follow his example

Published March 7, 2022 at 12:42

In the world of hockey, elite players are not elite by chance, there is obviously talent, but also, a lot of work behind their success.

It's rare to see that and it's worthy of note: Carolina Hurricanes forward Andrei Svechnikov did this this weekend:

A player skating and taking a few shots, is there nothing there? You have to add the context.

On the video in question, we don't see everything, but Svechnikov went back on the ice, for long minutes, to practice a shot that he missed during the game, because yes, it was after an intense game that the Canes had just played.

There is more, we are talking about a game won by the Canes, in which Svechnikov scored the winning goal.

We are therefore talking here about a young 21-year-old forward, who has just scored the winning goal, in overtime, in a win for his team, and who, one hour after the game in question, returned to the ice to return to work. .


Remember that the Habs were this close, 1 pick away from having him and being able to select him, in 2018. Marc Bergevin then had the third pick overall, and Svechnikov went 2nd.

Andrei Svechnikov has 51 points (23 goals) in 53 games this season, and a differential of +11.
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