An individual violently attacked Dominique Ducharme via Twitter

Published October 31, 2021 at 8:54

Following the Habs' atrocious performance on Saturday night, an individual took to Twitter to pick on Dominique Ducharme. The man in question is named Sylvain Lefebvre, like the former coach of the Laval Rocket... unless he's using a fake name.

In short, this man attacked Dominique Ducharme and this kind of totally gratuitous comment must be denounced. Not liking Ducharme is one thing, but treating him like that just doesn't fly. People go so far. It's only hockey, a sport of entertainment.

Sometimes you think that society is taking a step forward with a situation like the Chicago Blackhawks... but this one is taking a step back. I am unable to understand what is amusing about this type of hateful comment...

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