A big decision will soon be made about Habs prospect Logan Mailloux

Published March 4, 2022 at 12:27

At the start of 2022, Logan Mailloux saw his suspension in the OHL come to an end. He could then join, for the first time this season, his teammates and play games after having served a long suspension following a crime he committed in November 2020 in Sweden.

Since his return to the game, the young defender has done very well with the London Knights. He had 9 points, three goals and six assists in 10 games. He also receives very good words from the Ontario organization, both for his behavior on and off the ice. The young man impresses so much that the organization of the Canadians could have to rule on his status in the organization sooner than later...

In this regard, journalist Katherine Harvey-Pinard of La Presse recently met with Geneviève Paquette, vice-president of community engagement for the Canadians, to see what the situation is.

We learn in this excellent paper that a meeting between Geoff Molson, France Margaret Bélanger, Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton will take place very soon in order to see "what will be next for Logan, how [they] approach [the situation] and ensure that he has made good progress on a human level". There will be big decisions to be made soon in this case.

From what we can gather, the development of Mailloux is going well in all aspects. Ms. Paquette talks on a regular basis with Rob Ramage, who is the director of hockey development for the Habs, to see the progress of the young man.

«So far, everything is very positive. Of course, it's not over. He is still continuing his therapy." - Genevieve Paquette

It only remains to be seen whether the efforts of Mailloux, who is currently following a development plan under the supervision of Wendy Glover, will have a contract offer by the new leaders of the Habs.

It's reassuring to see. The Habs take this very seriously as a process.

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