Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton could complete another trade today

Published March 4, 2022 at 10:35

Since their arrival with the Habs, the Jeff Gorton / Kent Hughes duo has been active, notably by trading Michael McNiven and Tyler Toffoli, and notably by acquiring Andrew Hammond.

It could well continue today, and it will certainly increase in the next few weeks.

Why could the Habs conclude a trade today? We were talking to you yesterday about a rather surprising change made to the Habs lineup, when Mathieu Perreault was scratched by Martin St-Louis.

As you well know, March 21 is fast approaching in the NHL, and some Habs veterans are in their last moments in Montreal. Everything indicates that this is the case with Perreault.

Remember that we are talking here about a player who will be a free agent this summer and who declared, in a press conference a few days ago, that he has a clear objective before the end of his career. He really wants to win the Stanley Cup.

He has shown himself to be very open to being traded if it improves his chances of achieving his goal.

«If a team contacts the Habs and thinks that I would help their cause to win the cup, I think that I would seize the opportunity." - Mathieu Perreault

He said that in a press conference, so behind the scenes, we can easily imagine that he is open about his desire to be traded to a cup contender. And we can understand that.

Perreault has a good reputation across the league and I'm sure that a team looking for a good depth player might be interested in his services.

Sign that his wish will be granted? Quebecer Mathieu Perreault was surprisingly left out for Thursday night's game by head coach Martin St-Louis against the Flames. It was Michael Pezzetta who took his place and who only played 5 short minutes. That says a lot.

Do Hughes and Gorton want to avoid a veteran injury before a deal is done? That's what many pundits seem to believe...and when a team starts to scratch a player from the lineup to avoid injury, it's a sign that a trade is imminent.

It will be one to watch closely, but don't be surprised if the Perreault trade is announced in the next few hours.

What would you ask for in return?
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