A bad outlook for Dominique Ducharme

Published November 18, 2021 at 1:59 PM

I must admit that I really like Dominique Ducharme as a man and as a hockey guy. The Montreal Canadiens pilot is a master at managing his emotions and has always kept control when the ship has been rocked by big waves.

Just back up a few months, during the shortened 2021 campaign, as well as the playoffs of that same year. Despite the COVID-19 situation, when the Habs were put on hiatus due to Joel Armia's positive test, which caused the team to play 25 games in 44 days, Ducharme kept control.

During the playoffs, Ducharme himself was put in isolation as he tested positive for COVID-19, but once again, he held the house of cards upright. Nothing fell down.

Add to that the fact that in his post-game performances, he maintains his composure, doesn't spill over in frustration, handles his feelings like a great leader, and is genuine in front of the lens.

However, after Tuesday's game, he dropped a line that raised a few eyebrows, most likely some of his players':

"We have to execute when we have the puck. We have to make plays. With the skills of the guys in the NHL... We work pretty hard to get the puck, so once we get it, we have to keep it. I wish I could come up with a system for that, but I don't have one."

So is Mr. Ducharme out of options? That hurts to hear and it upsets many people, including players and management.

In short, frustration has taken over, for a rare time, and perhaps it has caused a split in the dressing room. Let's hope that's not the case, but this scenario is very plausible, even more so with the way the team is currently playing, without any substance and looking very confused.
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