Ducharme was grilled about his relationship with Petry

Published November 18, 2021 at 11:38

What is really going on between Dominique Ducharme and Jeff Petry, who seem to have a strained relationship, according to Jean-Charles Lajoie? Yes, Petry has flared up a few times lately and his non-verbal is unattractive, but it seems that the relationship between the two men is very healthy.

Marc-André Perreault asked the coach the killer question and the coach, without delay and reflection, answered very incisively: "I get along very well with him. Probably the one with whom I have the most communications. I like working with him."

You can believe it or not, but that's what the Canadiens' head coach said about his number 26.

Ducharme also confirmed several things that we've known since yesterday, such as the presence of Cayden Primeau in front of the net tonight, who certainly deserved a second start, the return of Mattias Norlinder and the possibility that Christian Dvorak will miss the game against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

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