The horror movie Jeff Petry keeps re-watching

Published November 18, 2021 at 11:12

How are you doing, Jeff?

I guess it's going well as a guy who has only two assists in 18 games this year?

No, worse than that! The Habs' number one goaltender is doing better than a guy who hasn't scored a goal in his last 43 games, including the last playoffs.

Worse yet, Jeff Petry is holding the stick VERY tight, like a guy who has scored only one goal in his last 66 games, again including the playoffs.

Petry is not in his right mind. He's playing frustrated, and then he's playing in a role he doesn't like, which is being the number one defensive linchpin. He's never played that way and he's never hidden his opinion, that he greatly appreciates his role as a second.

Number 26 doesn't like that kind of pressure. Today, unfortunately, he is paralyzed and poisoned by fear and anxiety, which makes his performances rather lukewarm, even very "fretful".
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