A solution to get rid of Brendan Gallagher's heavy contract has been proposed

Published November 18, 2021 at 9:12

On JiC Lajoie's show on TVA Sports, journalist Anthony Martineau took a few moments to talk about Brendan Gallagher.

The small forward is currently spending the first year of a hefty six-season contract paying him $6.5 million annually. A contract that could hurt the CH before long. Martineau already believes that this contract is starting to be the talk of the town.

"When they already justify his contract by the fact that he works hard, there is a damn problem. He works hard, but that doesn't justify his numerous sequences where he ends up on his backside, it doesn't justify the fact that he's always out of breath and it certainly doesn't erase his selfish acts. The last few times he's gotten angry, it wasn't because he cares about the team, it was because he was angry about missing an empty net, he also got angry at Alexander Romanov and he got angry at Barclay Goodrow."

At $6.5 million, Gallagher is really less attractive to teams that might be interested in his services, if the CH wanted to trade him. However, if the organization really decides to make another call, Martineau has a solution to make it happen.

"If you were to withhold some of Brendan Gallagher's salary, he would become a little more interesting. However, you'll never take away the fact that he's a warrior."

Martineau thinks especially about the future of the Tricolore in all this, because in the medium term, Gallagher's salary could greatly affect the CH at the salary level.

"Some young players in the organization will want opportunities, ice time and money. Brendan Gallagher is currently a liability for the Montreal Canadiens."

Here is the segment in question:

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