The Canadiens called back their magician

Published November 18, 2021 at 1:43 PM

The Montreal Canadiens have recalled their maverick, Cole Caufield, who has regained his confidence during his time with the Laval Rocket. The little number 22 had five points in six games with the AHL team. Yesterday, he scored a goal in the regular season and also put the needle in the shootout.

Of course, as we all expected, Alex Belzile has been returned to the Laval Rocket, who did quite well during his time with the big club. He's not a full-time NHL player, but he's still a good piece to plug holes in case of injuries.

As Marco Normandin reported via Habsolumentfan earlier today, Cole Caufield's gear was seen at the Toronto airport this morning, including a ton of hockey, indicating that Caufield was headed to Montreal.

By all true appearances, he should be donning his Tricolore uniform tonight, as he seems to have regained the "edge" that set him apart in the last few playoffs.
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