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The Leafs have reportedly placed 3 players on the trade block

Published May 11, 2024 at 3:19 PM

The Maple Leafs stunned the hockey world after another game-seven loss and subsequent elimination in this year's playoffs. Yet, it seems like Toronto is not done making drastic changes to the team after it was reported that a few central players will be up for trade this summer.

When Toronto lost in the NHL playoffs in game seven once again, the leadership surrounding the team made it clear they had enough of losing. In their efforts to make drastic changes to become a cup-winning team after a decades-long drought, they took to firing their five-year head coach Sheldon Keefe.

"The Toronto Maple Leafs have fired head coach Sheldon Keefe."

However, the team is going several steps further, as it was reported that the Maple Leafs are placing some of their most dominant players on the trade block. Among these three are defenseman Morgan Rielly, right-winger Mitch Marner, and center John Tavares.

"According to Marek, Marner, Tavares and Rielly are «on the table» while Matthews and Nylander are untouchable."

Though Auston Matthews and William Nylander are set to stay, we may see the total dissolution of the Toronto Core Four. However, when Maple Leafs President of Hockey Operations Brendan Shanahan was asked about this, he responded coyly, insisting nothing is set in stone nor out of the question.

"Brendan Shanahan asked specifically about John Tavares and Mitch Marner's situation, doesn't answer directly saying it'd be premature but also adding that everything is on the table."

This year's playoffs are underway and summer is still months ahead. With a major shift brewing for the Toronto Maple Leafs, they may just get a chance at the Cup in the next few seasons.

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Leafs officially place 3 big names on the trade block
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The Leafs have reportedly placed 3 players on the trade block

Who will be traded out of the Toronto Maple Leafs core four this summer?

Mitch Marner49249.2 %
John Tavares828.2 %
Both28328.3 %
Neither14314.3 %
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