Samuel Montembeault involved in the trade with the Carolina Hurricanes?

Elias Edmonson
June 7, 2024  (9:58)

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As we know, the Canadiens are active on the trade market, with two names being frequently mentioned: Martin Necas and Trevor Zegras.

According to some insiders, including Pierre LeBrun, Kent Hughes has contacted his counterparts from the Anaheim Ducks and the Carolina Hurricanes to inquire about the availability of the two forwards. Additionally, we can expect the price to be quite high in both cases.
That said, while many armchair GMs have suggested which players the Canadiens should sacrifice, a certain Danny Dubé has his own idea of what the price to pay to the Hurricanes might be in a potential trade involving Martin Necas.
During a recent appearance on the show "Le 5 à 7" on RDS, the Canadiens' game analyst on Cogeco stated that the price will definitely be high and that Kent Hughes will need to offer something attractive to the Hurricanes' management.
«The Canadiens will have to sacrifice something of value to them. I think Carolina is looking for defensemen because they can't sign everyone. They will sign Skjei, but not Pesce, so they will need a defenseman who can log minutes. Is it Matheson? Is it Matheson and Harris? Barron could be interesting because Burns is nearing his forties. I think these are key elements.»

Following this, Dubé added that one of the Canadiens' two goalies could be part of the potential trade.

Samuel Montembeault or Cayden Primeau involved in the Martin Necas trade?

Here is an excerpt from his statement.
«I also think that, in goal, they will have questions. Here in Montreal, we have youth, and we have the possibility of having a goalie who could interest them.»

Trading Samuel Montembeault or Cayden Primeau this summer?
Let's say many didn't see that coming. Even though we are speculating here, it would be quite surprising for Kent Hughes to trade one of his goalies during the offseason.
Credit - Go Nordiques: Sacrifice chez le Tricolore de Montréal: au revoir, Samuel Montembeault?
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Samuel Montembeault involved in the trade with the Carolina Hurricanes?

If Kent Hughes were to include one of his goalies in the trade, which one would it be?

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