Kent Hughes has just met one of the top 2024 draft prospects

Elias Edmonson
June 7, 2024  (0:38)

Photo of Kent Hughes
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In anticipation of the 2024 NHL Draft, Kent Hughes and the Montreal Canadiens have just summoned the elite young talent Cole Eiserman.

This is really interesting.
There's a lot of talk about Ivan Demidov being the «Matvei Michkov» of this year, obviously due to his nationality... But what if this player is actually the young Cole Eiserman?
Just like Michkov, he is an elite talent, even a generational scorer (he broke all the records in the United States). Just like Michkov, he was supposed to be a second overall pick, but he keeps dropping on experts' lists, and just like Michkov, many analysts criticize his attitude as well as his defensive play.

The Canadiens summoned Cole Eiserman today for a meeting

Cole, who would have been a home run as the 5th overall pick a year ago, is now a very «long shot» to be selected by the Tricolore, even if he is available.
See a very interesting report from TVA Sports journalist Anthony Martineau, with the young Eiserman following his meeting with the Montreal Canadiens.
«Cole Eiserman met with the Habs today.

He said he was happy with how the meeting went. He also mentioned the intensity of the moment spent with the Tricolore's leaders.»

Eiserman: «I am fully aware that the defensive aspect of the game is very, very important. You can't win by being effective only offensively.»

Eiserman: «I think my ability to play physically is underestimated. I can win many battles for the puck.»

Eiserman: «Yes, I definitely consider myself in the same category as Celebrini and Demidov in terms of skills.»

- Via Anthony Martineau

So, it is definitely a name to watch.
If we look only at talent, Eiserman is certainly in the top 3 of this draft, but there are obviously other elements to consider.
It will be up to Kent Hughes and his team to judge, and now that they've met him, we are eager to see if it will change anything for June 28th.
Eiserman, 17 years old, is 6 feet tall and weighs 197 pounds. He scored 58 goals and 89 points in 57 games, plus added nine goals and 10 points in seven games at the Under-18 World Championship.
He also added 25 goals and 34 points in 24 games in the USHL. It's phenomenal. We're talking about 83 goals in 81 games!
Eiserman is also one of the youngest players in the 2024 class (born on August 29th) and he would likely be a 1st overall pick in 2025 if he were a few weeks younger.
It's truly a fascinating case.
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Kent Hughes has just met one of the top 2024 draft prospects

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