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NHL journalist links Steven Stamkos to Montreal in free agency

Published April 21, 2024 at 11:45

New information has just surfaced about the possibility of Kent Hughes acquiring Steven Stamkos for Martin St-Louis and the Canadiens.

I hadn't necessarily paid attention to it initially, but it's true that there are many clues that have been accumulating for some time.

1- The bizarre situation between Steven Stamkos and the Tampa Bay Lightning at the start of the season and their inability to clearly express their desire to continue their journey together (from both sides).

2- The always special relationship between Steven Stamkos and Martin St-Louis.

3- The fact that Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton have finally opened the door to signing a big free agent.

4- The fact that Jeff Gorton seems convinced that Martin St-Louis can help the CH sign a big player.

5- Kent Hughes just stated that this could be the most important summer of his career.

In short, we have plenty of clues.

And if the major summer acquisition for the Canadiens was Steven Stamkos?

While the organization seems determined to turn the corner and "be in the mix" from next season, we can expect a solid acquisition on the free agent market.

"If there is a free agent available, an excellent player, who could really help us, we will be attentive." - Jeff Gorton

Speaking of free agents, there is one in particular who greatly attracts our attention, namely the forward from the Tampa Bay Lightning, Steven Stamkos.

Moreover, in a recently published article on the NHL site, journalist Dan Rosen curiously revealed that, if Stamkos leaves Tampa Bay "Montreal would be the most logical destination to welcome the star forward."


He is convinced that his relationship with Martin St-Louis could convince him, especially since Stamkos has always had a certain fascination with the Montreal market.

"If Stamkos becomes a free agent, I think he will want to go to a big market on the verge of having a bright future. The Montreal Canadiens are a logical choice, especially with Martin St-Louis as coach. Stamkos and St-Louis were close when they were teammates in Tampa Bay and they still are. St-Louis would like to have a player like Stamkos to show the way in Montreal."

- Dan Rosen

Remember that at the beginning of the season, Stamkos showed his frustration and impatience, due to the fact that there had not even been negotiations with the Lightning for a simple contract extension.

This is really strange.

Yes, he could really help the Montreal Canadiens:

"He is the type of veteran, offensive player they need. And, let's not kid ourselves, Montreal is Montreal, a legendary hockey market, and playing for the Canadiens is special. It's the most logical option if Stamkos leaves." - Dan Rosen

Stamkos, 34, is a 1st overall pick in 2008 and he still amassed a very solid 81 points in 79 games this season, including 40 goals.

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Yes, he is 34 years old, but he is still one of the best players in the world and he loves hockey.

Stamkos would be an incredible player to have in the locker room, for the young players, and he could also score 40 goals for the CH until he is 37 or 38 years old.

Consider the model of the Dallas Stars, who have an extremely young club but also have a player like Joe Pavelski on their first line.

Do you like the idea?

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NHL journalist links Steven Stamkos to Montreal in free agency

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