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Major: Gary Bettman announces a plan for the return of the Nordiques

Published April 21, 2024 at 10:13

With the relocation of the Arizona Coyotes to Salt Lake City, Utah, it was a cold shower for the fans of the Quebec Nordiques, but not so fast.

Gary Bettman has just given hope back to the fans in Quebec and he wanted to reassure them.

However, Bettman wanted to be reassuring: the move to Salt Lake City does not mean "at all" the end of hopes for the return of a team to the city of Quebec, as he affirmed to Guillaume Lefrançois (La Presse).

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Bettman added that he is absolutely open to a project that would be "initiative, bold, committed and straightforward."

The return of the Quebec Nordiques, on one condition, says Gary Bettman

We understand that Gary Bettman will approve the return of the Quebec Nordiques when he feels that a serious owner (or a group of owners) with very strong backing will emerge.

Bettman is open to the Quebec market, but for him, there is no question of having the Quebec government as the owner of an NHL team.

It must go through the private sector. (rightly so)

If we trust Bettman, the plan to bring back the Nordiques is extremely simple. It takes a very solid owner, who is straightforward and bold.

This is therefore a file that we will have to continue to monitor, over the coming years, especially with the extremely persistent and credible rumors of new expansions in recent weeks.

Credit : DansLesCoulisses - : Salt Lake City n'est pas du tout la fin pour les Nordiques de Québec, selon Gary Bettman.
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Major: Gary Bettman announces a plan for the return of the Nordiques

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