Major 3-team trade emerges involving the Flames, Hurricanes and the Canadiens

Elias Edmonson
June 7, 2024  (11:16)

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The name of Martin Necas continues to circulate in Montreal, but now the possibility of a three-team trade might change everything.

As highlighted by Félix Forget, and through an article by Marc Antoine Godin, concluding a trade simply for Necas could be complicated for Kent Hughes.
The Hurricanes are looking for an established goaltender or another young established player (like Alex Newhook), but it seems unlikely that the Canadiens will be willing to pay such a price.

A three-team trade involving a goaltender, Martin Necas, and the Montreal Canadiens?

We know that Kent Hughes is interested in acquiring Martin Necas; this has been confirmed by several reliable sources, but he now needs to be creative to close the deal.
«In his article today for Radio-Canada, Marc Antoine Godin wondered if the best (or even the only) chance for the Habs might be to make a three-team trade (in two stages).» - DLC

It's worth noting that this is exactly what Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton did to acquire Kirby Dach, so they can certainly do it again. (A three-team trade, involving the New York Islanders and the Chicago Blackhawks)
So, going back to Martin Necas, if the Hurricanes want a goaltender, Kent Hughes might do the same thing he did with the 13th overall pick in the Kirby Dach trade.
«If the Canadiens can find a team that has a goaltender to trade and is looking for defensemen, for example, he could use his surplus on the blue line to get a goaltender that the Hurricanes envy.» - DLC

Hughes and Gorton could then trade this goaltender for Martin Necas!
So, it's a possibility to keep in mind.
Kent Hughes could, for instance, trade Jayden Struble, Owen Beck, and a first-round pick to the Calgary Flames for Jacob Markstrom, and then immediately trade Markstrom to the Carolina Hurricanes for the young Martin Necas.
To Calgary: Jayden Struble, Owen Beck, and a first-round pick

To Montreal: Martin Necas

To Carolina: Jacob Markstrom

This is a situation to follow, in any case.
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Martin Necas : la meilleure chance du CH, c'est un échange à trois équipes
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Major 3-team trade emerges involving the Flames, Hurricanes and the Canadiens

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