Defensemen for the Canadiens, Matheson and Savard
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Laraque makes shocking statement on a potential trade involving Savard and Matheson

Published February 8, 2024 at 0:06
With Sean Monahan now in Winnipeg, the question is who will be the next player to leave the Montreal Canadiens. The large number of defensemen on the roster leads many to think that the CH could now consider trading veteran defenseman David Savard.

In his recent meeting with reporters, Kent Hughes mentioned not wanting to trade his veteran.

If this response could very well be a bluff, it nevertheless aligns with what Pierre LeBrun has heard behind the scenes in the league. According to the journalist, the CH does not want to trade Savard.

The fact is that the organization seems to appreciate his contribution on the ice and in the locker room. In addition to being very popular among his teammates, Savard also fills a big gap for the youngsters following Sean Monahan's departure.

It is certain, again according to LeBrun, that a staggering offer could change the situation. But what is a good offer for the defenseman?

Stéphane Gonzalez and George Laraque discussed this topic in a recent edition of their show on BPM Sports. The former NHL player thinks that Mike Matheson has more value than Savard, Matheson potentially bringing in a 1st round pick, while the David would bring a 2nd round pick.

In the end, Laraque thinks the defenseman to be sacrificed will be Savard, while Gonzalez is not in favor of moving the Quebecer for that price.

Indeed, it would be disappointing to lose Savard's contribution, right now, for just a second-round pick. However, many still hope that the veteran could bring more, such as a first-round pick.

Another file to follow in the coming weeks...
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Laraque makes shocking statement on a potential trade involving Savard and Matheson

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