We have just learned that Kent Hughes made a very special request to Jeff Petry before trading him

Published August 17, 2023 at 3:51 PM

In the past few hours, it was defenseman Jeff Petry's turn to react to the trade concluded between the Montreal Canadiens and the Detroit Red Wings.

As expected, he expressed his extreme happiness about how things turned out, as he will now have the opportunity to play at home for his lifelong favorite team.

Petry took the opportunity to thank Kent Hughes and made a very surprising revelation: Kent Hughes actually made a special request to him before initiating new trade negotiations.

The Canadiens' GM asked him where he wanted to be traded. Wow!

"Kent asked me, without giving me any guarantees, where I would like to play. I appreciate that he did that, Detroit was at the top of my list.

To know that you'll be able to play for your childhood team, to put on that jersey... It's a very special moment!" -Jeff Petry

"You grow up watching a team, you always play that situation out in your mind of you wearing that jersey. You keep thinking in your head, 'OK, when is that opportunity going to come? Can it come?'" he said Wednesday during his introductory presser.

"For me, I always thought about wanting to play one year here maybe at the end of my career, or whenever the opportunity came. To get that call yesterday was a very special moment for me."

And Hughes indeed traded him to Detroit, even at a discounted rate, some might say.

There are probably very few NHL general managers who make such gestures for their players - you could likely count them on one hand.

Imagine Lou Lamoriello asking a player who just requested a trade where they would like to go? I wouldn't believe it.

There's no doubt that Kent Hughes's great sportsmanship has certainly earned him some points with players in the NHL.

Hughes made quite a gesture for the Petry family!

We wish Jeff Petry all the best with his new team!

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We have just learned that Kent Hughes made a very special request to Jeff Petry before trading him

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