Ex-Leaf Believes Matthews is Masterfully Maneuvering Toronto's Management

Published August 17, 2023 at 3:17 PM

Auston Matthews may be on his way out of Toronto.

O'Neill Thinks Matthews Will Leave

The Auston Matthews situation is one of the most closely followed ones in all of hockey and after a major revelation, we could know what to expect from Matthews in regards to his contract.

Recently, former Toronto Maple Leaf and Ontario native Jeff O'Neill spoke on the Matthews contract situation.

"He's showing good faith by saying 'this is where I wanna be, I wanna stay here, I wanna sign here,' and now he can just say the contract never worked out and do the ole John Tavares. If you start training camp with no contract, that basically means you're leaving. I think just like Tavares when he didn't sign at the beginning of the season and he kept saying 'this is business' and 'it's for my agent to work out,' that's code for saying I'm not coming back. That's what I took from the Tavares situation. All these other guys (Sebastian) Aho, 8-years, 8-years, 'I'm happy to be here' and then all of a sudden from the Matthews camp, gotta get creative cause there's another deal... I would find it frustrating how everyone is signing 8-years. 'I like it here', but if you like it, how come you wont do it (sign for 8 years)?" - Jeff O'Neill

A Deadline The Maple Leafs Must Hit?

Training camp is roughly three weeks away and Matthews is quickly approaching that deadline. He has made it clear he does not want an 8-year deal but if the Leafs cannot sign him to a shorter deal by training camp, should it be assumed that Matthews is as good as gone? O'Neill certainly believes so.

So now the days will count down to training camp and from there we will see now things go.

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Ex-Leaf Believes Matthews is Masterfully Maneuvering Toronto's Management

Will Auston Matthews leave Toronto in free agency?

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