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Trade emerges from TSN Network that sees the Canadiens receiving a first round pick in exchange for a goalie

Published January 8, 2024 at 2:38 PM

We are very surprised, but there is hope.

While we believe that Kent Hughes could, at best, acquire a mid-draft pick to settle his goalie trio and trade a goaltender, it turns out we might have been mistaken.

Jake Allen or Cayden Primeau traded for a 1st round pick?

You read that right. This is what has just been seriously suggested on TSN 690 and reiterated by Charles-Alexis Brisebois:

«We know that Kent Hughes has his price and doesn't really want to deviate from it. And on TSN 690 this morning, Brian Wilde mentioned that realistically, Allen or Primeau could bring in a second-round pick or even a first-round pick. Wow.»

Anyway, let's hope another NHL general manager thinks like Brian Wilde, because that would be a big move for Kent Hughes.

Remember that, according to the latest information reported by the renowned Elliotte Friedman and Pierre LeBrun, the Canadiens only have offers involving late draft picks on the table in exchange for Allen.

There are notably the Toronto Maple Leafs who would have offered a 6th round pick in exchange for Jake Allen.

So, I have trouble believing that Allen is worth a 1st or even a 2nd pick, but maybe that's the case for Cayden Primeau? Anyway, that's what the guys at TSN seem to think.

Wilde adds that Kent Hughes, with all his prospects already in the organization, doesn't need late or mid-draft picks, which is true, but will other teams really bid that high?

«Kent Hughes is smart enough to get a high price and keep it as long as necessary. That's how he negotiates.» - Brian Wilde

A big file to watch, therefore!


January 8   |   1008 answers
Trade emerges from TSN Network that sees the Canadiens receiving a first round pick in exchange for a goalie

Do you believe that one of them is worth a 1st round pick?

Jake Allen is worth a 1st round pick19619.4 %
Cayden Primeau is worth a 1st round pick14614.5 %
No, neither of the two29128.9 %
Not a 1st, but a 2nd round pick, yes!37537.2 %
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