Offer sheet: disturbing last-minute statement involving Cole Caufield

Published May 30, 2023 at 8:30 PM

As the matter of Cole Caufield's next contract continues to truly draw attention in the Montreal Canadiens organization, we've just heard an interesting bit.

Former player, and now analyst, Antoine Roussel, who knows Pat Brisson (Caufield's agent), just declared this during the Sortie de zone podcast:

Maybe the advantage that Cole Caufield has by not signing quickly with the Canadiens is that he's waiting for an offer sheet to come from another team.

- Antoine Roussel

This is a theory that is increasingly put forward, but let's wait and see.

Roussel didn't say this lightly, but let's not forget the positive signs either.

Surely it's a possibility that Caufield signs or receives an offer sheet, but it remains extremely likely that he'll simply sign with the CH during the summer.

The negotiations certainly seem more complex than anticipated, but until proven otherwise, we firmly continue to believe that Caufield wants to stay in Montreal long term.

Credit : La Presse
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Offer sheet: disturbing last-minute statement involving Cole Caufield

If Cole Caufield receives an offer sheet of more than 10 million, what do you do?

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