Major trade between the Canadiens and the Avalanche this summer: a risky acquisition with Alex Newhook according to David Ettedgui

Published September 2, 2023 at 8:55

This week officially marked the return of several columnists, notably on the airwaves of BPM Sports, and many of these experts took the opportunity to look back on the summer of the Montreal Canadiens.

One of Kent Hughes' biggest decisions during the summer of 2023 was to trade his 31st and 37th overall picks, who became Mikhail Gulyayev and Ethan Gauthier, in exchange for Alex Newhook.

A trade concluded between the Canadiens and the Avalanche that continues to get reactions even today.

Clearly, this seems to be a transaction concluded by the CH management to attempt another great move 'à la Kirby Dach', but not everyone is convinced that it will produce equally spectacular results.

Some experts, like David Ettedgui, a former player agent, call for caution in comparisons with other players, on the airwaves of BPM Sports.

Ettedgui was rather harsh in his comments on this acquisition:

'I think [Alex] Newhook is a player we went after in an attempt reminiscent of [Kirby] Dach, but we're not talking about the same player, the same size, and the same ceiling.

We must not forget that people in Colorado were not at all mourning Newhook's departure. The Avalanche gave him every chance and opportunity to prove himself. The team placed him on the 2nd line and he just... failed!

He was a disappointment there! They did not want to get stuck, as they did with [Tyson] Jost and all the others, talented youngsters, with whom they were too patient at the expense of anticipated returns. So, they did not make the same mistake with Newhook. They said, let's get him out of here!'

David Ettedgui

While many compare Newhook's acquisition to that of Dach, Ettedgui rather recalls the very lackluster record of Tyson Jost.

Jost, 25 years old, is a 10th overall pick (first round) of the Avalanche in 2016. Despite all the opportunities he has had in Colorado, year after year, it never worked for him, but the Avalanche management did not want to trade him because of his potential.

They kept his services for six long seasons, before finally trading him in 2022 for an AHL-caliber player. They waited too long and he was worth nothing. (he was eventually placed on waivers)

Will Newhook develop like a Tyson Jost, or like a Kirby Dach? To be continued, but let's also remember that Kent Hughes knows Newhook very well.

Last season, with the Avalanche, Newhook recorded 14 goals and 16 assists in 82 games, and he is under contract with the Canadiens for 4 years, with a total value of 11.6 million dollars.

We believe in him!

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Major trade between the Canadiens and the Avalanche this summer: a risky acquisition with Alex Newhook according to David Ettedgui

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