Major: A Date has just been Suggested for the Possible Trade of Alexis Lafrenière

Published August 24, 2023 at 7:20 PM

It's not something recent; Alexis Lafrenière's name has been linked to the Montreal Canadiens many times, and we are talking about a very polarizing name.

However, yesterday, the Rangers announced the signing of the young Québécois forward, a two-season contract with an annual value of 2.325 million dollars.

Many experts have thus taken for granted that Lafrenière would be with the Rangers (at least) for the next two seasons.

Not so fast.

The renowned Elliotte Friedman just made a very interesting statement on the matter.

Friedman on 32TP discussing the new deal with Lafrenière: "Everyone is kind of in a position where they say, listen, we're going to try this under a new coach, see where it goes... if it's not good next summer, then I think you can trade him at a salary I believe teams can handle"

" because I just think if it's another year like this (a disappointing season for Lafrenière), they'll probably have to move on For me, it's a 2-year contract, but it's a one-year contract in New York and then we'll see."

- Elliotte Friedman via NHL Watcher

Really interesting!

So, this will be a matter to follow, but it could be the last year for Alexis Lafrenière with the Rangers, and despite his two-season contract, he could indeed be traded next summer or at the trade deadline if he doesn't have a major breakout.

Whether in Montreal or elsewhere, Lafrenière could wear a new uniform next season (in 2024).

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Major: A Date has just been Suggested for the Possible Trade of Alexis Lafrenière

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