Major Revelation Shows Why Auston Matthews Will Never Win A Cup

Published August 24, 2023 at 6:54 PM

A recent revelation has surfaced showing what a cup winner does to win versus what Auston Matthews does.

Matthews VS MacKinnon

Recently, a post has circulated on social media showing how Auston Matthews differs from a Stanley Cup Superstar, Nathan MacKinnon. It calls the culture of the two locker rooms into question.

A Tale of Two Cultures.

Playoff production:
22 goals
22 assists
Zero +/-
7 handshake lines

44 goals
56 assists
1 Stanley Cup





The two are the highest-paid players in the NHL but it seems that there is a massive difference between them that simply is not just monetary.

The Culture Difference

MacKinnon is known for being ultra-competitive and doing whatever it takes to win. When he signed his first big deal, he only had an AAV of $6.3 million, half of what he receives now. He received his $6.3 million for 7 years and did not complain about it. This set an example for other Avalanche players. Cale Makar currently makes only $9 million despite being the best defenseman in the league and Mikko Rantanen makes $9.25 million even though he scored 55 goals and 105 points last season.

Matthews on the other hand is rather selfish. He prioritized himself over the team with his 5-year $11,640,250 deal. What happened? Mitch Marner got nearly $11 million and William Nylander held out until receiving his current contract. Now it is looking like Nylander will have to be moved out if the Leafs want to be able to sign Marner when his contract is up.

The Leafs and the Avalanche both have been contenders for a while now but it seems like one team has a real shot of heading back to the Stanley Cup while another will simply continue to fizzle out come playoff time.
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Major Revelation Shows Why Auston Matthews Will Never Win A Cup

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