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Georges Laraque issues a clear warning to a former Habs player

Published March 29, 2024 at 5:04 PM

Live on BPM Sports, Georges Laraque issued quite a warning to a former Montreal Canadien.

A name you are well familiar with.

As reported by Maxime Truman, see the very clear statement from the former beloved Habs enforcer:

"People hope that Mr. Péladeau will buy the team to save them [...]

Marc-André Bergeron, we don't hear much about him anymore. At first, he talked a lot about it. He put all his branding behind it.

A little word I wanted to say to Marc-André: I'm sorry that your project, which you held so dear, is not working out, but it's crazy Marc, how in life, things change. Sometimes, when we say that what goes up must come down..." - Georges Laraque

You are probably well aware of the sad speculations currently surrounding the Trois-Rivières Lions and the possible end of this CH-affiliated franchise.

Why such a warning from Georges to Marc-André Bergeron?

Laraque subsequently explained very clearly what happened between Bergeron and him, that he did everything for Bergeron when the he arrived at the Edmonton Oilers (he didn't speak English so Georges translated everything for him).

A very bad joke with a taste of betrayal by Marc-André Bergeron towards Georges Laraque

Years later, while Georges Laraque was at TVA Sports, the same Marc-André Bergeron called him to give him a scoop.

A big scoop in the middle of the NHL trade deadline day.

His team had just acquired forward Rick Nash.

You can guess that Laraque publicly released the huge scoop he had just learned thanks to Marc-André Bergeron (that's how it works in this environment), but the problem is that it wasn't true at all.

It was just a bad joke that Bergeron played on Georges.

You can guess that it did extremely harm to the credibility of Laraque, who does not seem to have forgiven him at all:

"I was furious. I was livid." - Georges Laraque, who was obviously holding back from adding too much

Because of Bergeron, Laraque announced a fake transaction publicly.

Clearly, there's a strong feeling of betrayal here.

See the sequence in question:

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Georges Laraque issues a clear warning to a former Habs player

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