Resignation of Gary Bettman as commissioner? Big development

Elias Edmonson
March 29, 2024  (1:27 PM)

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The recent death of Chris Simon has reignited the discussion on head hits in the NHL. The former Nordique was not the only one, and Gary Bettman is dropping the ball.

Other former enforcers have tragically lost their lives in this manner, including Steve Montador and Rick Rypien, who, to name just a few, chose this path to silence their suffering.
While doctors continue to repeat the wrongs of head hits and the consequences of traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), the league seems to think everything is fine. Nothing has been established to protect the players, to the great detriment of many, including the influential player agent Allan Walsh.

Immediate resignation of Gary Bettman as commissioner of the National Hockey League: this is what has just been demanded by Allan Walsh

He, who is not known for holding his tongue, has once again criticized the league on this subject. This time he went even further, asking for the resignation of the commissioner, Gary Bettman.
It's time for everyone with a stake in the game to demand Gary Bettman be removed as NHL commissioner. His continued denial of CTE is not acceptable. The owners, players, media and fans have the collective power to demand he step down.

How many more Gary? - Allan Walsh

Despite all the studies and evidence, the league continues to play blind and deny the link between CTE and hits sustained by players. It even covers itself in ridicule in its responses...
Asked Bill Daly whether the NHL's viewpoint has changed with additional medical studies that show a definitive link between CTE and repeated blows to the head.

«No,» Daly said. «I think the science is still lacking.»- Bill Daly

The league really should confront this problem sooner rather than later. It is certain that others will unfortunately suffer Simon's fate and that the discussion will come back on the table. Addressing it now could also mitigate future impacts and thus, have to pay less in compensatory damages...
Via HF: Allan Walsh demande la démission de Gary Bettman pour une raison bien précise
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Resignation of Gary Bettman as commissioner? Big development

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